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The smart way for placement agents to collaborate

Placement agents traditionally operate independently leveraging relationships to raise capital for mandates that they originate directly, but limiting their potential placement fee income to commitments raised from their direct network.

TritonLake Matrix now provides intelligent connectivity between placement agents - enabling the sharing of opportunities and boosting placement fee revenue.

Before Matrix:

Our industry experience has shown us that:
TLK-Matrix-Powerpoint-Graphics-1022-v1_cross Placement agents operate in silos
TLK-Matrix-Powerpoint-Graphics-1022-v1_cross Placement fee income is constrained
TLK-Matrix-Powerpoint-Graphics-1022-v1_cross Only work with directly originated opportunities

With Matrix:

With Matrix, there is the potential for the following:
TLK-Matrix-Powerpoint-Graphics-1022-v1_tick Placement agents generate more placement fee income
TLK-Matrix-Powerpoint-Graphics-1022-v1_tick Curated opportunity deal flow from other placement agents
TLK-Matrix-Powerpoint-Graphics-1022-v1_tick LPs get access to differentiated and improved deal flow

Earn additional placement fees for mandates you source beyond the reach of your direct investor network

Where there is capacity beyond your investor network – use Matrix to enable other partners to raise capital, and share the placement fees.


Access differentiated opportunities from like-minded partners, and bring them to your investor network in a controlled manner

Browse and identify potential opportunities originated by other placement agents according to your preferences, and when you have conviction bring them to your investor network while protecting your relationships.


Deliver a more complete solution to GPs you originate while maintaining control of the relationship

Sponsors can achieve broader reach by accessing other pools of capital, all via one relationship with you.

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