The TritonLake investor network includes over 200 single and multi-family offices, outsourced chief investment officers (OCIOs), fund-of-funds, university endowments, and other sophisticated institutional allocators. They have combined assets under management in excess of $4 trillion, and the average bite size for a primary fund commitment is in the $10 – 25 million range.

All of these investors have access to the TritonLake® Portal, which, combined with our proprietary recommendation algorithms, prioritizes investment opportunities to ensure that their interactions with TritonLake are as relevant, efficient and valuable as possible.

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Key Benefits


Raise capital from a differentiated investor network that is not typically well covered either directly by GPs or by other placement agents.


Focused presentation of opportunities ensure that funds are front and center for the most high-potential investors. Our matching technology prioritizes based on individual interests and preferences.


The TritonLake® offering is full service - we stay involved all the way from agreeing on messaging to final allocation – we qualify, coordinate and facilitate meetings and calls, arrange data-room access, and assist with due diligence.

Typical engagement outline


Marketing review (Month 1)

  • Review of content and messaging & compliance review

Audience design (Month 1)

  • Define target audience based on attributes of fund, our knowledge of individual investor preferences, and our proprietary matching algorithms
  • Agree audience with manager to ensure no crossover with existing coverage

Go-to-market (Month 1)

  • Communicate the opportunity via personalized outreach to the target audience
  • Launch of opportunity on the TritonLake Portal

Qualification (Months 1-3)

  • Hard qualification of target audience, refining it to investors interested in the opportunity
  • Coordination of calls/meetings with qualified prospects
  • Weekly pipeline update report
  • Leverage marketing services to include Q&A interviews and blogs, and social promotions.

Close investments (Months 4+)

  • Continued coordination of calls/meetings with interested parties
  • Facilitation of data-room access, due-diligence, and subscription documentation
  • Weekly pipeline update report
  • Leverage marketing services to include Q&A interviews and blogs, and social promotions

The TritonLake Difference



Over 100 years of combined experience in the investment industry



Unique combination of technology and operations backgrounds coupled with investment expertise



Dedicated relationship management and marketing advisory services


Investor focus

Differentiated network of
sophisticated investors 


Emerging talent

Working with raises typically less than
$750 million, including emerging managers 

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