We evaluate hundreds of funds and direct investment opportunities across the globe every year - across all alternative asset classes


The TritonLake Difference



Over 100 years of combined experience in the investment industry



Leveraging machine learning to prioritize the most relevant opportunities



Relationship management team ready to assist – only when you need us


Opportunity Focus

Typically working with fund raises less than $750 million,
and direct deals between $10 and $100 million 


Emerging talent

We identify the most interesting and differentiated
emerging managers

Screening & Diligence

Robust screening and diligence process driven by the following key attributes:

  • Differentiated and relevant investment
  • Strong risk-return profile
  • Capable and appropriate team to deliver on the investment thesis
  • On-mandate track record

Opportunities that successfully make it through the process are then further filtered based on your individual preferences and appetite


The TritonLake Portal

  • Access all open opportunities in one secure online platform
  • Apply filters and search criteria to quickly find opportunities
  • Pitchbooks and other supporting information
  • Easy-to-use interface
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Monthly Highlights:

  • Our monthly opportunity highlights email delivers a tailored list of the most relevant opportunities 
  • Informative and focused to make it easy to screen investments
  • Proprietary match rating will give a measure of how relevant the opportunity should be to you

New Opportunity Notification:

  • When we bring a new opportunity to market and it is a fit for your preferences – you will receive an email summarizing the key attributes to enable efficient qualification

Key Benefits


Access to differentiated and high-quality private market opportunities that have already been screened by TritonLake, according to your preferences


Focused presentation will ensure that you are spending your time on opportunities that are relevant based on your current needs


The TritonLake® team is available to answer any questions and provide additional information – only when you need us

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